Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm really doin' it!!

What in the world was I thinking? I know what I was thinking: I was thinking I needed to do something different. Something significant. Something outside of my comfort zone. Something meaningful. Something BIG.

I think I found it.

I got to D.C. for pre-service staging and all is going well. The training class is absolutely incredible. This is really an amazing group of people that are heading into this vast land with me and I can already feel their support...and I hope they all feel it back.

Examples in the group:
Another person plays the guitar. One person is fluent in Japanese. Many, many, many people are well traveled with great stories and experiences. Most of them are going to teach English, and of the health volunteers, most of them are health education volunteers (I am a community health extension volunteer...I think..)

The initial staging was intense, but very informative and at times even entertaining. I think it would be impossible to get a group like this together and not have a little bit of fun.

By the way, I'm sure this post is going to jump around quite a bit simply as a result of my jumping and anxious mind...

My going away party was a blast. Big thanks to all those that made it, and for those that couldn't you were missed and talked about extnesively (that's what you get...). Also, special shout-outs to my mother for putting it all together; my aunt and uncle for having it at their clubhouse; Michelle and Randy for being great helpers (not to mention great friends); Michelle in particular for the great cake and flags and decorations, etc; Blanca for the tres leches cake (I'll have to see if I can make one of them in T-stan out of Camel milk...mmmmm...); and Sally for great brownies. If I left somebody in particular out, my bad. Believe me, I have praised you many times over, but am spacing your incredible contribution as a result of the whirlwhind that I've already been through and am about to go through.

Tonight I've been on the phone constantly with friends and family offering lots of encouragement and it means so much that so many people care (or at least pretend, and quite frankly, that's good too).

I'm so freakin' excited!!!! Wow.

We head out tomorrow night, then to Ashgabat, then to our initial villages and host families. I won't have access to internet or telephones for about a month is what I'm told, so this will be my last piece of communique for a while. (So cherish it).

Keep me in your thoughts as I press on and wage peace on the world!!!

Till next time-

The happy wanderer


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